Doing Sh!t with Doug: Web Surfing for Survival

After last weeks video, I just wanted to cover a few basic weapons for [mostly] home defense, but which are also useful for other survival situations. I’m certainly not claiming to be an expert, and there is plenty of controversy about this topic on the web, so you can consider this a topic of discussion and not something written in stone. I did a lot of research and decided what was best for ‘me’ in different scenarios, and it is quite possible someone will bring up a point I might not have considered for a certain scenario and change my perspective. There are also some things I just can’t say in this video. There are a lot of factors to consider: do you have kids, what is your living environment (house, apartment, cardboard box), what is the most likely threat, what level of threat is it (looting or zombie apocalypse), and what is actually legal..things like that. You don’t want to stop a non-life threatening invasion and spend the rest of your life in jail because of it, that would kind of defeat the purpose. So, if you live in California and you think you need a supressed full auto AR-15 (M16) in order to be adequately protected in your home, you’ve entirely lost touch with the actual goal. A lot of people will go “yeah but, yeah but, yeah but…” when they watch this, and before I start hearing any of them I want to point out that I’m not talking about home defense tactical scenarios where Spec Ops is tearing your house apart at 3am in a raid. This is not for that. Hopefully, if you have done something that would necessitate Spec Ops coming to get you, you’ve already prepared way beyond normal home / self defense scenarios for most people. I did this from the perspective of someone who does not have limitless funds and wants some basic self defense items that would provide the greatest possible use among different scenarios without huge costs or building your own armory.

If legalities were not an issue, I’d be making an entirely different video. I would want things that are suppressed or silent for most scenarios. Very few people see something that doesn’t appear to exist as a threat. Unless someone is buying my ammo and there is an endless supply, I would have very little need for full auto or 3 round bursts. If I needed to survive in the wilderness where elements of society still exist, the items would change quite a bit; I’d want my Gerber knife instead of the Blackhawk, I’d carry a different Leatherman than I do day to day, and I’d probably want a supressed version of my AR7 or a Papoose (one, because I can break it down so I appear less of a threat if people see me; two, because I can carry a shitload of .22LR ammo as compared to the same weight / space of 9mm or even .223 when I don’t have my own supply line; three, because I’ll most likely be close enough with the .22 to have the accuracy to put the bullet in your eye socket if it is a survival scenario; four, because I’m most likely not going to be trying to bring down big game; and there’s probably more reasons I could mention…that people will argue about.) If I had the room I’d probably still want the SIG with a few rounds. These lead to entirely different videos for an entirely different set of scenarios. I always want to learn more, hear more scenarios to have to logically think through, and hear about anyone’s personal experiences that pertain to survival of any type.

This is really just a primer for self defense / survival videos we may do in the future.  At the end of the day, the ultimate survival tool is in your head.




Here is a list of websites featured in the video: and the store is at

2 thoughts on “Doing Sh!t with Doug: Web Surfing for Survival

  1. Where is your “Grab-‘n’-Go” backpacks and pet carriers?

    Scenario: 8.8 Earthquake and Tsunami right after a huge Solar Coronal Mass Ejection (so the GPS satellites have all been fried by the CME–remember everything always goes wrong at once–and you’ll need a collection of old fashioned maps and a compass). Even though your property is relatively untouched you can’t hold out there, store shelves are empty, power grid destroyed, no satellite dependent Internet, Freeway overpasses fallen, lots of steam coming out of wrecked Nuke power plants and L.A. citizens will soon turn to cannibalism. Safest close town is Las Vegas where everybody is headed en masse as refugees.

    Where do you have your pick-up truck-bed camper parked at a Storage-R-Us where you have canned food and water, fuel and ammo stashed in storage shed (in the military we called this pre-positioning supply logistics) so you can make a clean get away for a couple of months with the little lady and pets to (Yosemite?) or some Safe Place with running streams and edible plants if need be? Remember your storage area has to be selected so it is in an area that has several routes to get to to avoid roads ripped up by fault cracks and on the way out of town by way of back-road highways.

    Let the Games/plans begin.

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