Doing Sh!t with Doug: Survival – The Hollywood Hills

In my quest for more knowledge during different types of survival scenarios, I have been reading a lot of books on the subject (among other things like making ethanol, solar power, distilling water, making biodiesel, and “The Special Operations Forces Medical Handbook” seen in the video) and watching what videos I can find on different … Read more

Doing Sh!t with Doug: Web Surfing for Survival

After last weeks video, I just wanted to cover a few basic weapons for [mostly] home defense, but which are also useful for other survival situations. I’m certainly not claiming to be an expert, and there is plenty of controversy about this topic on the web, so you can consider this a topic of discussion … Read more

Doing Sh!t with Doug: Freedom

I went on a search for your definition of Freedom…this is what I found: Here is a transcript of the video, if you are interested: I just want to say that you’re all going to die. Every last one of you is going to die. What concerns me is that probably 75% of you who … Read more

Since 2012 candidates seem to be from fantasy land…

Since the 2012 Presidential Election seems to be drawing candidates from the most extreme walks of life, whom appear to be living in some type of delusional fantasy land, I have decided I am going to vote in the 2012 election accordingly: H&K / Colt  for Pres / VP Suggest Cabinet members as: Blackhawk, Hazard 4, … Read more