The Doug & Lydia Show Archive

3-07-12 “Politically Incorrect” – Episode 3

Doug and Lydia discuss the Rush Limbaugh/Sandra Fluke controversy, Doug being labeled “racist” for statements on illegal immigration, and the word “retarded”.

3-14-12 “Music & Movies” – Episode 4

Doug and Lydia talk about wanting to love the new Van Halen cd, bad movies, extras work, meeting celebrities in L.A., boobies and sex.

3-21-12 “When should one mind their own business?” – Episode 5

Doug and Lydia talk about when one should actually mind there own business. Examples: Senator Chuck Winder of Idaho made statements that women use “rape” as a way to obtain an abortion, Reverend Patrick Wooden commented on gay men needing their anuses sewed up and diapers from too much anal sex, and George Zimmerman’s overzealous attempt to keep his Florida neighborhood safe by confronting and killing seventeen-year-old Trayvon Martin.

4-11-12 “Not What It Seems” – Episode 8

Doug and Lydia talk about the upcoming Mandy Lion appearance at The Rainbow on Sunset Boulevard, the amazing B-movie Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, the Easter photo shoot with Jonnie Awesome, President Obama’s dig at the Supreme Court Justices being “unelected”, and taxing the insanely rich.

4-18-12 “Survival” – Episode 9

Doug, Lydia and good friend Anthony Clementi talked about Mandy Lion’s show at the Rainbow, Anthony’s weekend at Coachella and his movie Sorority Party Massacre.

4-25-12 “What is Important?” – Episode 10

Doug and Lydia talk about news and what is important about the news that is delivered. For instance, is wondering whether or not Ashley Judd’s involvement in a Funny or Die video mocking Rick Santorum a bad career move really important? What about speculation over President Obama eating dog meat at age six in Indonesia and Mitt Romney making his dog sick during a car trip years ago? Or Mel Gibson delivering yet another rant in the privacy (or in this case not) of his own home?

5-16-12 “Cult of Personality” – Episode 13

Doug and Lydia talk about The Cult’s new album, Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney, Sasha Baron’s “The Dictator”, Blackboard Jungle’s June 2nd show at The Roxy on Sunset Boulevard, the breast-feeding four-year-old on the cover of Time magazine and something called “ball crunches”.

5-23-12 “Total Eclipse of the Shart” – Episode 14

Doug and Lydia talk about the hotness of cartoon characters Princess Jasmine and Jessica Rabbit; men who are crazy for redheads; the solar eclipse and Lydia sings Mr. Burns’ “See My Vest” from The Simpsons.

5-30-12 “Don’t Pet Sweaty Things” – Episode 15

Doug and Lydia talk about the number of people who died in the American Civil War and how people don’t really want a revolution, and Lydia making a sock monkey.

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