Gun Violence Archive; Killers (of Any Critiques on Their Methodology)

Gun Violence Archive recently absorbed the propaganda website Mass Shooting Tracker at the start of 2016. I began to look through some of their data to see how they compared to Mass Shooting Tracker. At first glance, it appeared they fixed a few of the notorious discrepancies that I have previously highlighted in the definition … Read more

My Proposition for Reconstructing the Gun Laws

Here is my proposition on gun control: We do it like a game show. We begin with everyone having a say. If you interchange non-synonymous terms in an argument, you get eliminated. Make up statistical data, you get eliminated. Misrepresent statistical data, you get eliminated. Use any of numerous Logical fallacies, you get eliminated. Argue … Read more

Mass Shooting Tracker

I kept seeing statistics about “mass shootings” being reported on News sites and web feeds, and wondered where they were getting their information because it didn’t seem to represent reality and certainly didn’t match any of the statistics I was finding from credible sources. I decided to check out the source of the statistics, and … Read more

If ‘Redskins’ are scalps, then Native Americans weren’t doing all the scalping, right?

I find eagles aesthetically pleasing. I find vaginas aesthetically pleasing. I don’t, however, think the second is a better symbol for our country than the first. Yet here we appear to be…a nation of pussies more represented by a symbol of a great big vagina than we currently are by a big free soaring eagle. … Read more

Regarding ‘Hot water freezes faster than cold’ article

Here’s a link to the article: Hot water freezes faster than cold – and now we know why.   Here’s my initial theory on the matter: Water is one of the only molecules whose solid takes up more volume than it’s liquid state…which means that the molecules in the solid form of H2O are further … Read more

Jim Brady v. Gabrielle Giffords

This one is just short and to the point, and you can chalk it up to satire if you wish: For those who haven’t quite figured it out, the difference between the Jim and Sarah Brady ideology [Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence & Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence ] and the Mark Kelly / Gabrielle … Read more

Memorial Day and an Hypocrisy Regarding Freedoms

“Memorial Day is a United States federal holiday which occurs every year on the final Monday of May.  Memorial Day is a day of remembering the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces.  Formerly known as Decoration Day, it originated after the American Civil War to commemorate the Union … Read more

Herein Lies One of the Problems in the Gun Control Debate

Look, I’m extremely pro Second Amendment…Extremely… pro Second Amendment. I am, however, pro Second Amendment based upon logical fact and critical thinking and not because I just “want” to be able to own firearms under any circumstances. The problem is, many people don’t care about facts, and in arguing the pro Second Amendment case will … Read more