If ‘Redskins’ are scalps, then Native Americans weren’t doing all the scalping, right?

I find eagles aesthetically pleasing. I find vaginas aesthetically pleasing. I don’t, however, think the second is a better symbol for our country than the first. Yet here we appear to be…a nation of pussies more represented by a symbol of a great big vagina than we currently are by a big free soaring eagle. Political Correctness is the antithesis of Free Speech, and yet we as a nation appear to violently cling to it in modern society while screaming about losing our Constitutional Rights in other regards. Although, it does appear that many people falsely believe they have a Constitutional Right not to be offended. When did the country go from wanting to be “free” to wanting to be “protected” from threats and offenses that didn’t directly relate to a loss of personal freedom? Ten years ago, 100 years ago…did we ever want freedom? Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will… Um, make you break down and whine and cry like a little bitch without enough self esteem to stand up to a little criticism or name calling?

“Move over Naomi, there’s a new diva in town” is not a racist slur merely because both Naomi Campbell and milk chocolate are brown…and yet Cadbury apologized for making a racist ad? WTF? They called her a Diva, yes…and then she turned around and acted like a f’n diva. Good call Cadbury! I could go on for hours with stupid interpretations of things being labeled racist, religiously intolerant, religiously too tolerant and culturally intolerant… among others…which are clearly not. Racism, Nationalism and Religion are just a few of the issues subject to this new, weirdly applied “political correctness.” I’m in no way saying these things don’t exist, I’m just saying they often don’t exist where people think they see evidence of them. There are certainly racists, nationalists and religious folk out there…and in this country they have a Constitutional Right to be those things so long as they don’t allow their beliefs to drive them to take other actions that actually are illegal. Personally, I find racism appalling…I just think that most of the time when people cry racism it isn’t really racism. Eight out of ten times in modern society, it typically appears to be someone who holds an element of racism in their belief system seeing something, which is not intended to be racist, through their own biased filters.

I think this ‘politically correct’ nonsense is very apparent with this Washington Redskins situation. The Redskins have been the Redskins since, well basically The Great Depression (They became the Boston Redskins in 1933) and long before most of you were even born. I’d say 80 years of its use in its current form probably supersedes, and is a better representation of its current acceptable meaning, than whatever people thought the term meant 80 years ago. If you hear the term ‘Redskins” today…it probably means the Washington F’n Redskins!!! But what the hell, lets take a look at some of the other football franchises and see where we can point out some other names that might not be politically correct:

Steelers: Unionized iron workers that raised the price of American Steel to the point of no longer being competitive on world markets, crushing an American export and driving an entire state into virtual poverty. [Maybe the Lions will follow suit and change their name to the Detroit General Motors]

I find that name offensive.

Packers: We all know they are named less after the Indian Packing Company (not the Native American Packing Company, by the way) who originally donated the jerseys and more for the ass-fucking that takes place in the Green Bay Correctional Institution. The guard pulls back, the tight end gives him a big hole to plow through…and he scores…Go Packers!!!

I find that name offensive.

Texans: Clearly just another sign of self centered Texas narcissism in an otherwise united group of 49 other states in America.

I find that name offensive.

Saints: Well, you just knew someone would try to bring religion into football at some point. As long as there’s no Mass on Monday nights, right?

I find that name offensive.

Cowboys: Wasn’t that a derogatory term for a horse thief, robber and outlaw in the late 19th century? Um, O.K. Corral… ring a bell?

I find that name offensive.

Buccaneers, Raiders: Both ultimately terms for what were pirates at the end of the day. Seriously, are we a nation that promotes piracy for profit?

I find that name offensive.

49’ers: Nothing screams ‘get rich quick scheme’ like the California Gold Rush.

I find that name offensive.

Titans: They must be named after the Greek gods, because I hear they don’t use condoms in Tennessee.

Either way, I find that name offensive. [Although I must concede that naming something after a condom Would imply a strong defense]

Redskins: Ultimately the name was intended to honor Native Americans and not meant to represent the collected scalps of said Native Americans…which originated from a 1755 proclamation by King George II paying certain amounts for Native American scalps; which, at the time, where never referred to as “redskins.” Although it does point out that Native Americans were by no means the only people doing the scalping!!! I would think Native Americans would like that fact pointed out. By the way, I point these things out being Cherokee on my mother’s side of the family…but like most living blacks who were never slaves, I never had my land taken away, walked the trail of tears or any of the other atrocities that happened to Native Americans before I was born….so I learned from history what it had to offer and GOT THE FUCK OVER IT.

Some of the things I listed above are also twists of truth, exaggerations, examples of poetic license and most likely just irrelevant arguments against a particular team name, but not unlike this ‘redskins’ debacle. People need to pull their heads out of their ass, grow a thicker skin, get a set of balls and stop requiring everyone else to be so politically correct that they do not upset your delicate sensibilities. If you don’t, you are no longer going to have a right to Freedom of Speech to protect.

4 thoughts on “If ‘Redskins’ are scalps, then Native Americans weren’t doing all the scalping, right?

  1. My Son went to a Redskins-Eagles football game last season.

    He wrote to say he thought the team should be more embarrassed these days by having to call themselves “Washington.”

  2. I did send in to some “name-change contest” that I thought they should change the team’s name to the Washington Foreskins, since Washington D.C. is so full of Pricks.

    “The Front Four Jackhammers are ready on the Foreskins front defensive line, as are the Middle Stump and the other two linebacker Tallywackers. Both cornerback Ankle Spankers and the two safety Groin Ferrets are in position just in case Phily’s quarterback decides to throw his Longfellow, Heat-Seeking Moisture Missile.”

    And there’s the Sports Page.

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