Jim Brady v. Gabrielle Giffords

This one is just short and to the point, and you can chalk it up to satire if you wish:

For those who haven’t quite figured it out, the difference between the Jim and Sarah Brady ideology [Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence & Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence ] and the Mark Kelly / Gabrielle Giffords ideology [Americans for Responsible Solutions] is that the Brady group wants to ban guns for everyone, the Giffords group wants to ban guns for everyone but themselves…

People don’t kill guns…victim mentality kills guns.


*** NOTE:  In no way is my intent to belittle the specific and unfortunate tragedies Brady and Giffords were subject to.  I do not, however, think the appropriate response to such a tragedy is to make victims of everyone else… who were neither criminals nor victims in either of those events.  And I guess I should be polite and take the time to say hello to the NSA while I’m writing this…  Hello NSA.

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