Kids are pretty smart, Adults not so much…

Kudos to this 7 year old Preston, who was smart enough to know that it is safer for a 7 year old to be behind the wheel of a moving vehicle, than it is for a 7 year old to be brainwashed at church!!!  Honestly, it wasn’t safe and he shouldn’t have done it…but I think it is much worse when parents force children to go to church and follow their own personal religious beliefs.  Let them choose their religious beliefs once they are old enough to know exactly what it is they are choosing.  I remember being dragged to church at roughly 6 or 7 and looking around and clearly thinking “most of these people are either absolutely insane or are complete hypocrites.”

If the belief that some omnipotent and omniscient diety is the reason for the good and bad in your life, and it is by that diety’s will for some higher reason that the events in your life unfold, and shifting the control over your own life to some other entity is what gets you through the day and really adds quality to your life, then I’m all for you taking that route.  But don’t force a 7 year old kid to start his life out with that crutch and certainly don’t try to force your beliefs upon the rest of us.

Sending a 7 year old to church is brainwashing a child, just like any other cult would do…plain and simple!

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