Beer Summit

Did anyone notice that Gates Jr’s beer was substantially darker than anything the other three were drinking.  I just thought the irony was too damn funny not to mention.  I don’t drink beer, but my beer snob friends would say Gates was the only one at the table with any taste with his Sam Adams (Adams, by the way, was a Harvard alum and opposed slavery so we’re all good there.)  I doubt they were all guilty of racially profiling their choice of beverage, but I’m surprised I haven’t heard that accusation yet.  Lets just be grateful they weren’t drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon and Schlitz Malt Liquor, cause the Secret Service would have had their hands full.

On another note though, lets teach our youth that sitting around drinking beer is a way to resolve all our problems.  If we can’t fix our problems, by gosh, we should drink some alcohol.  Like we really need more of THAT!  Maybe they should have prayed too?  (Shaking my head in total bewilderment)

If they’d have all dropped some extacy with a group of half naked Brazilian models…I think skin color would have ceased to be an issue!

…Okay, now they say Gates was drinking Red Strip, not Sam Adams Light.  Red Stripe is bewed in Jamaica, man.  But somebody finally did do something about the beer they were drinking…then pointed out Guinness is both black and white.  They could have served black and tans.

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