So what group is crying racism and why?

I swear a large portion of society is just clinically insane.  This Gates Jr. race issue is entirely based on delusion.  Gates Jr.’s delusion that he was being profiled and then the delusion that Lucia Whalen, who reported the suspected break in, was somehow racially motivated to call the cops.  I really feel bad for Mrs. Whalen, who was just trying to do what she felt was right…she doesn’t deserve the harrassment she’s getting from some members of the public.  First reports where that she said “two black men with backpacks” were forcing their way into the house in question.  So she was deemed a racist?  How exactly would that be racist?  That would have been an ACCURATE, and politically correct description!  The fact that Mrs. Whalen has to come out, after the 911 tapes were released, to defend her words is, frankly, unnecessary.  The police actually had to probe her to get any possible ethnicity of the two men in question from her…because it’s something crucial to their investigation.  Some groups of the public have the poor women in such a defensive state, she’s making comments about how she tried to be careful and honest with her words.  Honestly, Mrs. Whalen shouldn’t have to explain or apologize for anything.  Even if she had a good look at the two individuals and HAD said, “two black men with backbacks” she would have only been stating the facts  accurately and in a politically correct manner.  If she had said “two drug dealers” and assumed they were drug dealers because they were black, that would have been racist.

Again, if you immediately cry racism every time you don’t get your way…YOU are the racist (and that can happen from either side.)  Take a Logic class at a community college, learn about cause and effect and how people sometimes confuse one with the other and can get the order backwards, and maybe just take a good look in the mirror and determine if you have developed a pattern of using race as an excuse, either to profile people or to assume you are being profiled.  Most people can’t handle pointing the finger at themselves when things don’t go as planned and instead overcompensate by blaming others for their shortcomings.  Learn the difference between FACT and assumptions or opinions.  Facts cannot be racist, only assumptions and opinions can be racist.  Every time one side blames race when the issue at hand was really just a matter of fact,   you are just going to push the other side into being more prejudice against you.

If we want racism to ever stop, then BOTH sides have to learn to re-evaluate their stereotypes…not just one side.   We also need to learn when something is being described accurately as a matter of fact and is not prejudice, and when a statment is making an assumption or opinion solely based on race which is prejudice.

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