For What It’s Worth:

For what it’s worth, and because I’m tired of getting into political debates where people create their own facts: You can write this down and see how correct I end up being in the next 5-10 years…frankly, I hope I turn out to be wrong this time. The Euro is going to continue to fall, … Read more

Banks now bidding to buy other banks to gain their deposits

Banks bidding for deposits to gain liquidity is just one more blatant sign from the markets that the FED needs to let interest rates go up to provide liquidity. Without the higher interest rates for bank deposits, people are just shifting funds into a treasury bubble. Its no wonder the treasury needs to provide funds … Read more

Pointless Bailout Anyway

These people don’t even know what they are trying to fix. The free markets just let the larger commercial and investment banks price default risks into the market with the lower valuations in the purchase prices. Banks and investors have both increased their leverage in the markets substantially in the past 12 odd years thinking … Read more