Facebook Investor Spending Months Salary on FB IPO

Facebook Investor Spending Month’s Salary Exposes Hype This article just says “people are F’n stupid” and it is why stocks and financial institutions are getting a bad rap. It isn’t the industry, it is the dumb-asses that think they can make a quick buck with little experience and no work. It is the people that … Read more

Ditech is Wrong…People are Stupid

Our government wastes a lot of time on the soap box about issues that really have nothing to do with solving the problem. They spend very little time solving the real problem. Housing prices are a symptom, not the problem. Executive pay was a symptom, not the problem. Madoff was a symptom, not the problem. … Read more

Case for USD Bull Market

The de-leverage in the market to adjust back to normal risk levels is decreasing the money supply substantially, they are trying to inject huge sums of USD into the market to offset that. All in all, the functional money supply is actually down substantially. Also, a very large portion of the USD money supply is … Read more