Main Line Animal Rescue’s campaign

Hey PETA….this is how animal lovers do it:,188591 Main Line Animal Rescue has pledged to donate 5 bags of dog food to a local animal shelter every time someone tackles Michael Vick…Hell Yeah!   (It appears the offer is only valid if it is during a game though, so don’t take him down if you see him … Read more

PETA, Wildfires and “Sea Kittens”

First, I’d just like to mention that I have not seen PETA make a single comment about the wildfires, the animals that are being displaced by it nor offering any support to help with the ethical treatment of any of these displaced animals.  I just read a news article about the Wildlife Waystation needing to be … Read more

PETA prefers fat chicks to “beat the meat”

Okay, these people truly are insane.  Isn’t there anyone affiliated with this organization somewhere amongst the ranks that has the sense to stop and say “What the @$% are you thinking?” prior to committing tons of money to these idiotic campaigns.  They continue to use fallacious logic to try to support their campaigns, which are … Read more

PETA Makes Me Embarassed To Admit I’m an Animal Lover

Many of those who support PETA probably have good intentions and care about animals like I do.  PETA is a clear example, however, that those who usually rise to be the leaders of such an issue are usually those who are most psychologically imbalanced.  Those who care about an issue will donate money and maybe … Read more