PETA prefers fat chicks to “beat the meat”

Okay, these people truly are insane.  Isn’t there anyone affiliated with this organization somewhere amongst the ranks that has the sense to stop and say “What the @$% are you thinking?” prior to committing tons of money to these idiotic campaigns.  They continue to use fallacious logic to try to support their campaigns, which are as thin and unhealthy as many of the people trying to put a “spin” on this crap.  So now we know PETA hates kids and overweight people, who are they going to alienate next…Veterinarians, Philanthropists? 

PETA’s newest campaign compares obese women to whales.  Their point seems to be that eating meat causes obesity, and being vegetarian is the only truly healthy alternative to maintain a healthy weight.  We are carnivores by nature, it is in our genetics, and you can only do so much to avoid that.  It is possible to have a vegetarian diet and live a healthy lifestyle, but most of the vegetarians I’ve known look like death warmed over, and I expect them to drop over dead any moment.   PETA blames things like Big Macs and Quarter pounders for the problem…but that isn’t representative of quality animal meat now is it?  They just don’t know how to construct a valid argument.  

I could suggest that a vegetarian diet clearly causes the mental capacity of your brain to diminish.  If you want to be become stupid, do whatever PETA says to do.    

I think we should kill two birds with one stone, so to speak (maybe I should have said boil two chickens with one pot)…here’s my idea:

“Save an animal, eat a member of PETA”

We use their vital organs to save lives, and eat the remaining muscle tissue (destroy the brains, they are obviously toxic.)    Animals will be spared, quality lives will be saved and true animal lovers will be much happier as well !!!

Oh, and Elvis got fat eating fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches….no meat in those!

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