Gabrielle Giffords Stars in New Gun Reform Ad (produced by the Giffords’ super PAC)

I feel bad for her, but you shouldn’t fall for this. First, the statement “We have a problem where we shop, where we pray, where our children go to school” is mostly fear mongering. Statistics have always shown these events are anomalies (read any reputable book by Gary Kleck or pull up the crime stats yourself for verification) In vact, violent crimes have continuously dropped since at least 1992 before the first ‘assault weapons’ ban every took place. Second, look how vague this ad is, it doesn’t mention any type of gun control except one in an on screen image, that 9 out of 10 people support universal background checks. No mention of assault weapons ban, no mention of large capacity magazine ban…but yet an overwhelming theme “let’s get this done.” Get what done exactly? In fact, background checks have already been the law for dealers since 1993. Only private party transactions don’t legally require background checks, which is all they have really proposed here. Background checks are the single gun control measure that has held up to scrutiny and is worthy of implementation, and it does Not require registration or tracking of individual ownership. Don’t be confused that this provides any validity or support for any other type of gun control measures currently being proposed in Congress, except an extention of the background checks to private party transactions. The question then is, why is the ad so vague?

Gabrielle Giffords stars in new gun reform ad

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