Carrie Prejean files lawsuit

I guess former Miss California is filing a lawsuit against California pageant executive director Keith Lewis and actress and former Miss USA Shanna Moakler claiming, among other things, that she can’t get modelling work after being fired.

Ms. Prejean had every right to say what she did about gay marriage while making religious references.  1st Amendment, Freedom of Speech and all.  I guess what you don’t understand about the contents of the bill of rights, Ms. Prejean, is that when you open your mouth and express your opinions under the 1st Amendment, there is nothing that says the rest of us must agree with you, like you, maintain any respect for you, choose to associate with you, or want to have any affiliation with you one way or the other.  There are some things protecting specific types of discrimination, like religious belief and gender, though those issues don’t appear to be the case here.    I really doubt she’s being looked over for modelling jobs because she believes in God or does not believe in gay marriage, probably more so because she acted like an idiot and apparently continues to act like an idiot…and most people don’t want to hire someone who has a public track record of acting like an idiot.  I certainly wouldn’t want that idiot working for me because she doesn’t seem competent.  She couldn’t even express her opinions clearly on the show, she sounded like a babbling moron.

Well, what exactly did you expect Ms. Prejean?  That God would make you a national hero for speaking up?  The fact that you have a right to speak your opinion on national television, does not mean that you are then exempt from being a bigot.  Most of the discrimination clauses in the bill of rights are to protect minorities from bigots, and in this particular case you are not the minority…YOU ARE THE BIGOT!   If I hire a known bigot to work for me, I’m more than likely going to end up with a discrimination suit filed against me from another employee because they are feeling harassed by the bigot (you)…so I couldn’t/shouldn’t/wouldn’t hire you.  Not because I’d be discriminating against you…but because I wouldn’t allow you to discriminate against my other employees.  I think your behavior has clearly shown that you would try to force your beliefs onto others.

Freedom of Speech comes with a price…you should have looked at the price tag before you tried it on!  Some people have paid that price with their lives, and you are complaining about a little embarassment and some lost modelling jobs.  You should ask your God for the conviction to stand by your beliefs without whining about the consequences like a little bitch!

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  1. Also, the Ms. California organization is suing Ms. PreJ for the cost of her breast implants that they bought her. FUN!

    And THANK you for pointing out that ‘backlash’ to one’s idiot ideas is different than censorship.

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