Facebook Investor Spending Months Salary on FB IPO

Facebook Investor Spending Month’s Salary Exposes Hype This article just says “people are F’n stupid” and it is why stocks and financial institutions are getting a bad rap. It isn’t the industry, it is the dumb-asses that think they can make a quick buck with little experience and no work. It is the people that … Read more

Let me guess… headlines say “Greek Bailout Imminent”

It’s starting to feel a lot like the story of “Peter and the Wolf” isn’t it? At the end of the day, what does a bailout for Greece even mean? What is it that is really being saved in the long run; a World Economy, an Economic Union, a Sovereign Nation, a failed attempt at … Read more

Social Networks, Censorship and Free Speech

I refuse to be held hostage by Social Networking Websites any longer. I have a business landline, a cell phone (with text messaging and email capabilities,) I have multiple websites and I have multiple email addresses where friends and strangers alike can contact me. If my friends don’t want to provide me with the same … Read more