The United States of America…Where We Punish The Healthy

Regarding the Supreme Court’s decision, I think their Interstate Commerce validation is fallacious. The Interstate commerce clause authorizes Congress “To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with Indian Tribes.” The problem is, you have to have commerce for interstate commerce to apply. In this case they are not regulating the … Read more

Ditech is Wrong…People are Stupid

Our government wastes a lot of time on the soap box about issues that really have nothing to do with solving the problem. They spend very little time solving the real problem. Housing prices are a symptom, not the problem. Executive pay was a symptom, not the problem. Madoff was a symptom, not the problem. … Read more

Greenspan’s Flaw in Free Market Model

Greenspan WAS the flaw in his free market model…because he altered free markets by lowering rates to boost the economy after the stock bubble burst. Plain and simple. Had free markets been allowed to correct after the bubble burst, we would have unwound the excess risk and leverage much sooner and with much less pain. … Read more