New Michele Bachmann Pledge of Allegiance?

I had heard that Michele Bachmann had rewritten the Pledge of Allegiance in anticipation of her 2012 victory: “I pledge Allegiance to the fag-hag of the United States of America and to the Theocracy for which it stands, one nation controlled by God, inquisitional, with Liberty and Justice for the obedient.”

My List of Books That Should Be Mandatory Reading

I have become entirely annoyed by the ignorance displayed by human beings in their comments lately. I’m honestly beginning to believe the theory of de-evolution. I have a list of 7 books that I think should be mandatory reading in order to graduate from high school, and I will provide a very brief synopsis of … Read more

Michael Bloomberg Thinks Criminals Are Good For United States

Emma Lazarus’ famously quoted poem does not say “Give me your criminals, yearning to be free!” Doesn’t anybody think things all the way through anymore? They see one thing that appears positive for them on the surface, and with no deep thought, take a position on an issue and make a bunch of absolutely ignorant … Read more

Sarah Palin, Less Than Human?

You ever notice how Sarah Palin always compares herself and her followers to things that are less intelligent than humans? Pit Bulls, Grizzly Bears…I guess she feels that acting more on animalistic instinct and less on logical, rational thought is somehow a positive change? Bite first, consider the situation secondarily? Now we have “Mama Grizzlies” … Read more