Gabrielle Giffords Stars in New Gun Reform Ad (produced by the Giffords’ super PAC)

I feel bad for her, but you shouldn’t fall for this. First, the statement “We have a problem where we shop, where we pray, where our children go to school” is mostly fear mongering. Statistics have always shown these events are anomalies (read any reputable book by Gary Kleck or pull up the crime stats … Read more

Never Forget September 11th…But Do We?

If you Really don’t want to forget, then you need to go back 22 years, not just 11: 9/11/1990: Address Before a Joint Session of Congress (September 11, 1990) (read the speech, watch the video at the right) Because this is the moment where the President of the United States of America declared war on … Read more

The United States of America…Where We Punish The Healthy

Regarding the Supreme Court’s decision, I think their Interstate Commerce validation is fallacious. The Interstate commerce clause authorizes Congress “To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with Indian Tribes.” The problem is, you have to have commerce for interstate commerce to apply. In this case they are not regulating the … Read more

Facebook Investor Spending Months Salary on FB IPO

Facebook Investor Spending Month’s Salary Exposes Hype This article just says “people are F’n stupid” and it is why stocks and financial institutions are getting a bad rap. It isn’t the industry, it is the dumb-asses that think they can make a quick buck with little experience and no work. It is the people that … Read more

Doing Sh!t with Doug: Tying Your Shoes

Okay, this isn’t really about how to tie your shoes at all, though it does show you how to do it. It isn’t intended to be a tactical application of how to tie your boots for combat, for recreational hiking or mountain climbing or anything else of that nature. It is nothing more than highlighting … Read more

For What It’s Worth:

For what it’s worth, and because I’m tired of getting into political debates where people create their own facts: You can write this down and see how correct I end up being in the next 5-10 years…frankly, I hope I turn out to be wrong this time. The Euro is going to continue to fall, … Read more

Doing Sh!t with Doug: Survival – The Hollywood Hills

In my quest for more knowledge during different types of survival scenarios, I have been reading a lot of books on the subject (among other things like making ethanol, solar power, distilling water, making biodiesel, and “The Special Operations Forces Medical Handbook” seen in the video) and watching what videos I can find on different … Read more

Doing Sh!t with Doug: Web Surfing for Survival

After last weeks video, I just wanted to cover a few basic weapons for [mostly] home defense, but which are also useful for other survival situations. I’m certainly not claiming to be an expert, and there is plenty of controversy about this topic on the web, so you can consider this a topic of discussion … Read more

Doing Sh!t with Doug: Freedom

I went on a search for your definition of Freedom…this is what I found: Here is a transcript of the video, if you are interested: I just want to say that you’re all going to die. Every last one of you is going to die. What concerns me is that probably 75% of you who … Read more

Let me guess… headlines say “Greek Bailout Imminent”

It’s starting to feel a lot like the story of “Peter and the Wolf” isn’t it? At the end of the day, what does a bailout for Greece even mean? What is it that is really being saved in the long run; a World Economy, an Economic Union, a Sovereign Nation, a failed attempt at … Read more