Obama, Illinois and Handguns

If Obama is so worried about Illinois and guns, why doesn’t he point out that in 2011 only 0.2% of all Illinois murders (452) involved a rifle of any kind when he’s pushing for a new ‘assault weapons’ ban? (the total number for the year being 1) Only 2.6% of all U.S. murders in 2011 (12,664) involved a rifle of Any Kind (323).

In 2011, Illinois is tied for the #1 state (with Louisiana) with the highest number of murders with a firearm at 83% (377 of 452). The national average was 68% (8,583). Illinois’ handgun to murder ratio is 81% and #1 in handgun/murders by a good margin (4% higher than #2 Louisiana).

That’s why he keeps pushing Illinois, it is the most offending state for handguns per murder! (not an average state) Seems to me Obama is admitting Illinois is even more of a problem than firearms. If you think Obama is merely going after ‘assault rifles’ after seeing these statistics, you’ve lost your f’n mind. You know which Supreme Court case extends your 2nd Amendment right to the state level? McDonald V. The City of Chicago. Moore v. Madigan (2012) which ruled that people have a right to carry firearms in public is also Illinois. The court stayed the mandate for 180 days (should be about June) to allow Illinois time to draft new legislation. This is why he now has to try to produce stricter federal legislation in order to protect his home state.

FBI- Crime in the United States 2011 (Muder by State, Type of Weapons)

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  1. Just for the fun of it can you find the statistics for Killed by SUVs. Maybe we can get some knee-jerk reactionary to try to pass legislation banning SUV shoeboxes-on-wheels.

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