Doing Sh!t with Doug: Survival – The Hollywood Hills

In my quest for more knowledge during different types of survival scenarios, I have been reading a lot of books on the subject (among other things like making ethanol, solar power, distilling water, making biodiesel, and “The Special Operations Forces Medical Handbook” seen in the video) and watching what videos I can find on different related subjects. After watching a couple of the episodes on TV, I went ahead and bought all three seasons of “Survivorman” recently, and I thoroughly enjoy watching them. I could have probably DVR’d them all for free, but I think Les Stroud deserves any possible money from the purchase he can get. Athough I know Les wasn’t going out there to unknown locations entirely cold, I have to give him a lot of credit for actually going through with the survival scenario and filming alone…that still takes a lot of balls. Also, many people have said their lives were saved in survival situations by things they remembered from his show. My biggest survival scenario these days is surviving my wife’s monthly period…so here you go.




3 thoughts on “Doing Sh!t with Doug: Survival – The Hollywood Hills

  1. When I was stationed in Southern California and I was put in the once a Moon cycle Survival Period situation, I simply made the reconnoitering mission across the desert border to Nevada where I found they have temporary Rent-a-Wife services at the Legal Brothels.

    And according to my wing-man-attorney’s survival guide manual, being as legal as gambling in Nevada I avoided the deadly “Adultery Bite” of the dangerous & predatory desert divorce lawyer diamondback snake.

    I wonder why Charlie Sheen never figured this out?

  2. That is an option that is not available to me. As far as Charlie goes, I think from the abundance of his “stolen” Mercedes that were later found in ditches…he probably can’t make it to Nevada on short notice. : )

  3. I was lucky. My 1st wife was from Nevada where it is SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for husbands to once a month spend “rag week” at a legal brothel and fulfill your patriotic duty of helping prop up the local economy.

    My 2nd wife was from Thailand where polygamy & mistresses (like in the Old Testament) is SOP. Matter-of-fact I had to turn down her offers of sleeping with her girlfriends as probably not a good idea for an American husband not used to being given the keys to the candy store.

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