Doing Sh!t with Doug: Tasmanian Devil Dung

Lydia was hung over, so she thought it would be a good day to teach everyone how to make Tasmanian Devil Dung. It is good for what ails ya. It’s semi-instructional, so the video kind of drags a bit…no naked women jumping out of a cake or anything (although you might be willing to jump out of a cake naked if you eat one of these things.) I don’t really remember what made me come up with this idea and I don’t really know how to describe it. Tastes weird at first, then kind of grows on you, but everything in it are natural ingredients. Most of the ingredients are rumored to have some type of therapeutic effect…though that may be mostly old wives’ tales. It has a strong caffeine kick and a bit of a euphoric feeling to it. Lydia says it clears out her sinuses. If you try and make it, you don’t want to eat more than one or two at a time, as they do have some spices in them that could be toxic if consumed in high levels…so consider this yet another disclaimer. The name kind of speaks for itself I guess; they have lots of caffeine, you feel a bit spun after eating one, and they look like little shit piles…and they may possibly grow extra hair on your genitals. And whatever you do, don’t bite anybody afterwards, because it might be contagious.

Tasmanian Devil Dung Recipe:

100% Cocoa – Four 1oz Squares
Ground Coffee Beans – 4 Teaspoons
Cinnamon – 1 Teaspoon
Nutmeg – 1/2 Teaspoon
Clove – 1/4 Teaspoon
Honey – 4 Tablespoons
Vanilla – A few drops
Raisins – 1 cup

Yes, I am too lazy to put the recipe into a nicely formatted HTML table right now. : )

7 thoughts on “Doing Sh!t with Doug: Tasmanian Devil Dung

  1. You forgot to grind up an ounce (by volume–1 shot glass)of Heavenly Blue Morning Glory seeds and mix in. That will spiritually cure what ails you. Don’t buy the ones that say they have been sprayed with a toxin pesticide.

    You have to grind them up–harder to chew than Grape Nuts.

  2. ‘Er, that’s about 1/2 ounce seeds (6 garden shop seed pks. per person) before you grind them up in the ol’ Magic Bullet.

    You add a full ounce of ground powder and they’ll find you streaking down Sunset Blvd. singing Sarah McLachlan’s Arms of the “Angel.”

    You almost can’t stand to eat enough nutmeg to do more than burn your mouth raw. The psychoactive and toxic effects come from freshly-ground whole nutmegs as used by native shamen; not from refined spice.

  3. This stuff does have a bit of an effect that isn’t just caffeine, can’t quite say it is hallucinogenic, but one (or a combination of) these spices definitely screws with the brain a bit. You’d have to try it to understand what it is…

  4. When you are in the warm womb of a C-130 giant Cargo turbo-prop, with a head full of trendy chemical amusement aid, and have to pass through the the vagina Door of Perception out into the sky and are suddenly “Born Again” up in the air in the Whole Wide World, that from the heights looks like looking down on an HO toy train set, and then you float down into the Ground Rush where everything suddenly Grows Up into an adult 1/1 scale landing of a Day of tripping with still another 9 hours of trendy chemical amusement aid, I think you get some perspective on what lesser uplifting elixirs might do for you.

    Back while Vietnam hadn’t ended yet they didn’t call the 82nd Airborne the Jumping Junkies for nothing.

    I used to get a kick out of the guys who had kids who didn’t want to be stationed on the West Coast because it would be a bad influence. I saw more trendy chemical amusement aid floating around North Carolina than I ever even heard of in So Cal–and that’s the truth.

  5. Some of us know the real meaning of being “Born Again” and some people think you can do it on your knees kissing a Bible.

  6. Awesome! I can’t wait to try them. With our backyard opening up to the pool, Dawson had to remind me more than a few times that I didn’t have gills and had to come up to breath. These sound like more my speed now.
    Love the videos!

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