Doing Sh!t with Doug: Living Around L.A.

Somebody had the idea of me visiting every place I ever lived in Los Angeles as one of my videos. It was a long day, not always pleasantly nostalgic, and it made for a long damn video. You do get to see some parts of Los Angeles and Orange County though. It may drag a little at times, but for posterity sake (and because we have no desire to make a fallacious ‘documentary’ like Michael Moore) we really did hit every single place I ever lived for more than a few days. This video trilogy is probably more anectodal than comedic, I think, but there are some interesting stories. Again, this is not scripted and I just do this on the fly since I’ve got nothing better to do with my life right now, so there are times when what I’m saying might appear to make no fucking sense at all… and Lydia, with all her editing genius, still couldn’t find any way to fix it in the edit since we didn’t really do multiple takes on most shots. But what the hell, it’s not “60 Minutes” anyway, so what does it matter. Though after watching these videos, I’m thinking I should probably stop saying “fucking” so much, huh? Eh, who really fucking cares…





And again, I would like to thank Lydia for her hard work. She plays producer, audio engineer, editor, videographer, and head of transportation…though she was obviously not in charge of hair and makeup. : )~

3 thoughts on “Doing Sh!t with Doug: Living Around L.A.

  1. Mom Fucking cares when I Fucking force Mom to Fucking watch your Fucking videos.

    Mom Fucking loved the Tasmanian Turds though she said you are not as cute as Rachel Ray.

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