Since 2012 candidates seem to be from fantasy land…

Since the 2012 Presidential Election seems to be drawing candidates from the most extreme walks of life, whom appear to be living in some type of delusional fantasy land, I have decided I am going to vote in the 2012 election accordingly:

H&K / Colt  for Pres / VP

Suggest Cabinet members as: Blackhawk, Hazard 4, Gerber, Leatherman, Camelback, The ghost of Ed Parker, Arrowhead and Dinty Moore.

Pushing for Tampax as Secretary of Defense


3 thoughts on “Since 2012 candidates seem to be from fantasy land…

  1. This gaggle of Pseudo-Con Republicannots are all vying for their Political 15 minutes of fame.

    The Republicans know they have nobody right now to run against the Incumbent Sitting President Obama.

    In the end the Pseudos will nominate someone they either need to start the publicity ball rolling for the 2016 Elections, or the Republicans will give the nod to someone as a going-away present Retirement Campaign like they did for John McCain. They knew they weren’t going to win, but they had to run somebody, so they gave McCain a colorful Palin sidekick diversion and threw him a TV party as a going-away present instead of a Rolex gold watch.

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