Michael Bloomberg Thinks Criminals Are Good For United States

Emma Lazarus’ famously quoted poem does not say “Give me your criminals, yearning to be free!”

Doesn’t anybody think things all the way through anymore? They see one thing that appears positive for them on the surface, and with no deep thought, take a position on an issue and make a bunch of absolutely ignorant statements to try to support their belief. Here is the link to an article I read this morning: NYC mayor, major CEOs lobby for immigration reform

Here is the opening paragraph that serves to summarize the article, “NEW YORK – Chief executives of several major corporations, including Hewlett-Packard, Boeing, Disney and News Corp., are joining Mayor Michael Bloomberg to form a coalition advocating for immigration reform — including a path to legal status for all undocumented immigrants now in the United States.”

First, let me point out that “undocumented” immigrant means “illegal” immigrant, changing the descriptor does not unbreak the law. Illegal…because they are in violation of United States Federal Immigration Laws. Also, revoking the law in the future does not remove the fact that they chose to break the existing law when it was in force. It should also be made clear that “illegal immigrant” does not include tourists and short term travel. The government primarily issues “nonimmigrant visas” to tourists and temporary business visitors. So I think we can all agree that an “undocumented immigrant” is an “illegal immigrant” and is thus a CRIMINAL. As stated above, their coalition is advocating “a path to legal status for all undocumented immigrants now in the United States.” They want to take somewhere between 12-20 million (est.) people who consciously chose to break United States Federal Law, and make them legal citizens. Does that make a lot of sense to you? Bloomberg seems to think it does, he says “Somebody has to lead and explain to the country why this is in our interest.” I thought Mexican President Calderon tried to take the lead on that, but give it a shot Mayor Bloomberg, explain to the United States citizens why allowing between 12-20 million criminals currently in our country to become legal citizens is in the country’s best interests. Unless you were born in Mexico and are in the United States illegally, you should be absolutely terrified right now. They want to set up a situation where the United States accepts the absolute worst possible immigrant we could ever expect, ones who have a proven propensity for breaking the law to serve their own self-interests. Is this the kind of immigrant you want? Do you want these people to be your neighbors, legally? If we make them legal, what law will they choose to ignore and break next?

Bloomberg says that lawmakers who want to deport all illegal immigrants are “living in a fantasy world,” The truth is, the comment just doesn’t have much merit, unless you “assume” that deportation means some type of nationally funded, month long witch hunt, where we do an aggressive sweep of all United States territories over those 30 days and remove them all. Yes, that would be a fantasy world. However, recent events in Arizona seem to support the argument that, if you start to enforce the law, the illegals will leave voluntarily. Arizona’s recent surveys seem to suggest that illegals are leaving the state in a mass-exodus and the new Arizona law hasn’t even gone into effect yet. The threat of actually enforcing the law seems to be enough of a deterrent to get the illegals to leave voluntarily, and therefore deportation may not be much of a necessity at all. At present, though, many appear to be shifting to other U.S. states. If the entire country enforced the existing laws, the illegals would most likely leave the country. Bloomberg makes the false assumption that the illegals will continue to stay, once a tangible threat of enforcement is finally present, and that is a very week argument at best.

The most recent statistics I can find suggest that roughly 15 million Americans are unemployed. The estimates for illegal immigrants in the United States range between 12 million and 20 million. I’m sure you can do the math on that one yourself. Supporters of illegal immigration claim that these criminals provide labor that American citizens are not willing to provide, like fast food, landscaping, and farm labor, which are lower paying jobs. Where I grew up (the United States of America, by the way) many high school kids would save money for college, buy their first car and date their first girlfriend (and hopefully buy their first condoms, instead of impregnating said young lady) with the money they would make mowing laws, working at McDonalds or even detasseling corn. Do you really want to try to convince us that none of the 15 million unemployed would be willing to work any of the jobs illegals hold right now? Show me 1 American in 15 million who says, “To hell with my family, I’m not mowing lawns.” Factors of production will shift accordingly, and probably fairly quickly with the high rates of unemployment. For labor that we truly don’t want to do, necessity will inspire new inventions to remove manual labor in those situations, which is also positive for the economy. Robots do assembly line work that many laborers once found tedious, some labor needed to be re-allocated to more useful purposes, which might have been rough on them, but in the end production became more efficient and the product was produced cheaper and labor was better allocated to tasks that produce a larger GDP.

There already exists a mechanism by which American businesses can take advantage of cheap Mexican labor, they are called maquiladoras. If we stopped overpaying some union labor, maybe we could pay some unskilled American laborers a higher wage. Even though an illegal will work for lower wages, there are many residual costs involved, and we end up supplementing that wage with the taxpayer’s money in many cases. I guess a king’s biggest asset is the number of peasants he has at his command who will work for only sustenance. Since Michael Bloomberg and Rupert Murdoch (Australian) are as close to two modern day kings as I can imagine, its no wonder they want to get their hands around the illegals. Even the illegal immigrants should beware of their intent!

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